Stress Management
It's a Matter of Life and Health

It's common sense that we all need to manage our stress. But, did you know that managing stress effectively is a matter of life and of health?  


Anxiety Panic Attack
This article is mainly written for the professional treating anxiety panic attack via hypnosis, biofeedback, psychotherapy, psychiatry... However, the sufferer may use the information to guide his/her therapist.
The True Message of Anxiety
Anxiety is a feeling that something bad might happen and that you will not be able or willing to cope. Misinterpreting the true message of your anxiety keeps you walking on eggshells.
The Holidays Aren't Stressful

Just Because You're Screwed Up, Don't Blame Christmas

As we start to move into the holiday season we will start hearing about how stressful the holidays are. This all comes from our distorted belief that "stress" is somehow "out there" in the world and not a result of our thinking processes. Stress is a word that supposedly reflects a physiological state whereby certain hormones are kicked into the system affecting certain organs. Nowadays stress is this nebulous force out there in the world. We are "under stress" and "coping with stress" and dealing with "stressful jobs" and "stressful holidays."

Stress And Illness
Jack, 60 years old, is a client of mine. Jack had been in a very difficult, codependent marriage with Stella - a marriage where Jack completely gave himself up in his attempts to avoid Stella's anger, threats and blame. Jack sought my help regarding extricating himself from this very unhappy relationship and was finally able to end the marriage. Subsequently, Jack sent me the following email:


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