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Anxiety Panic Attack
This article is mainly written for the professional treating anxiety panic attack via hypnosis, biofeedback, psychotherapy, psychiatry... However, the sufferer may use the information to guide his/her therapist.

Based on a stress management model, the technique is different than generally associated with main stream stress management training. Let me clarify. It is often assumed that a stress management model is synonymous with body awareness techniques that utilize inward focus. The other technique is outward focus initially used by Lacy, a psychologist. It is the one most effective for all anxiety/panic attacks. It likewise is effective for all other maladies, but because it is less defined, it is generally only used in more advanced training and left out of the protocols for initial training sessions.

In this article I want to focus mainly on the why's that contribute to one developing anxiety issues as opposed to some other stress related issue such as ulcers or colitis--not that some individuals don't develop both.

Generally anxiety/panic/agoraphobia is found in those who
· Have less than healthy eating habits or
· Are taking medications that contribute to panic and anxiety as a side effect.

Most are in the first category and it's contributed to a high sugar or refined food diet. They generally drink caffeinated beverages and eat lots of snack foods. If they were to correct their eating habits in advance, they would never develop of anxiety panic attack for anxiety is simply a hormonal response to large blood sugar changes. However, once the pattern of anxiety has generalized or developed into panic and agoraphobia, then simply changing eating habits usually isn't enough because the mind has begun a conditioning process-more later.

And likewise the same conditioning process affects the second group for even once the meds causing anxiety are stopped, the symptoms continue.

But the main question is, "Why do anxiety panic attack sufferers develop Anxiety and others who likewise are hypoglycemic develop muscle pains and aches, or hypertension, ulcers, colitis...?

The answer is in one's personality. Effective treatment of an anxiety sufferer requires that the therapist understands the personality that contributes to the development of anxiety.



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