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Meet Arash Akmal, Pharm.D Doctor of Pharmacy from The University of Southern California ( USC )
Written by editor   

Despite his youth, Dr. Arash Akmal has a dedication to both the field of the pharmaceuticals and the Persian community that is commendable and impressive. This month Jaam-va-Jaan magazine would like to acknowledge Dr. Arash Akmal and his extensive work to reach out to the Iranian community.  

At the age of seven, Dr. Arash Akmal’s along with his family made the painful decision to leave his native country Iran which was under the unpredictable cloud of war and strict government sanctions to have the opportunity of a better education. He completed his first years of study in France where he earned his French Baccalaureate diploma. He then moved to the United States of America in order to continue his studies in the field of Biology and earned his Bachelor’s of Science from the University of California, Irvine (UCI). During his undergraduate years Dr. Akmal was Awarded Leadership Scholarship for three consecutive years and earned the most prestigious scholarship (University of California, Irvine Regent’s Scholarship).

“Obamacare is the law of the land”
Written by Golnoush Goharzad   

“Obamacare is the law of the land,” said the government’s top-ranking Republican, House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio, the Thursday after President Obama’s reelection.

Although that may be true, the reality is that the history 

making legislation has miles to go before it is anything more than a piece of paper. The fight to actually implement the somewhat complicated 

Affordable Care Act begins now, and will require the cooperation of a doggedly resistant Republican Party.

For President Obama, the lives of the American people who  inspired him to push through the legislation depends on it. On a historical and personal level, his presidential legacy depends on it.

Esteemed Members of Our Community: Mohammad Amini
Written by editor   

        Mohammad Amini, is a well-known and accomplished Iranian author and historian with over 150 articles and publications in his name. He is also recognized by millions of Iranian through many years of weekly radio interviews with renowned journalist, Hossein Mohri, and revision interviews with me on Andisheh. He has recently started his own weekly TV program on Andisheh, dubbed, Yek-kalam-e or one-word, after name of a book written by one of the forefathers of modernity in Iran 1n 1869.

His fame though, is due to his unique historical research on subjects varied from modernity, constitutional revolution, tribal and ethnic discourses in Iran, Islamic movement and formation of nation state in Iran. He is also one of the foremost authorities on life and works of late historian, Ahmad Kasravi Tabrizi. 


Ardeshir Babaknia M.D.
Written by editor   

Scholar, Author | Chairman, Medical Advisory Board

Los Angeles Center for Women’s Health


Dr. Ardeshir Babaknia, a well-known Johns Hopkins trained physician who is currently the Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board of the Los Angeles Center for Women’s Health spent the past 15 years on something other than medicine – a 4-volume book on the Holocaust in his maternal language, Farsi. 

Shalizeh Shokooh, MD, FACC
Written by editor   

 President of AHA board of directors - OC Chapter

Chief of Cardiology- St. Joseph hospital

Co-medical director of Women’s Heart Center, St. Joseph hospital 


February is American Heart Month. To celebrate this month, we would like to celebrate the people who make this month special. We want to celebrate the people who have dedicated their lives to increasing awareness through advocacy and increasing knowledge through research. One such incredible person is Board Certified Cardiologist in private practice at the Orange County Heart Institute and Research Center, Dr. Shalizeh Shokooh.

Mohsen Daha | Poet & Humanitarian
Written by Azaade Goharzad   

Poetry can be a means of expression, not only for the artist but for the reader as well. When reading a poem, our sense of empathy allows us to connect to emotions that were not organically ours. 

Powerful poetry has the ability to pull us directly into the center of a poem to the point that it is unclear where the poet’s emotions ended and our own began. Sometimes we find a poet that connects with us personally and it can be very therapeutic to express and reflect on our feelings through their art. 

Mohsen Daha’s poetry reflects a gamut of emotions, many of which are particularly applicable to the immigrant Iranian community. 


Parviz Ghadirian Ph.D
Written by Who is who   

Professor at University of Montreal & McGill University

Director of the Epidemiology Research Center


It is the pleasure of Jaam va Jaan magazine to present Dr. Parviz Ghadirian as this issue’s esteemed member of the month. We are honored to have such a driven and successful individual in our community and humbled by his accomplishments and immense success in the field of medicine.

Dr. Payam C.Ataii
Written by Jaam Va Jaan Editorial Staff   

Founder & Board Member of National Association of Dental
Professionals ®

Its our pleasure to present Dr. Payam C. Ataii who has been featured on networks such as ABC, NBC, KTLA news, and just recently was awarded Winner of the 2007 Invisalign National Summit Case Shoot-out Award which placed him Number One in United States and Canada, selected by 1,700 of his peers.



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