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Dr. Payam C.Ataii
Written by Jaam Va Jaan Editorial Staff   

Founder & Board Member of National Association of Dental
Professionals ®

Its our pleasure to present Dr. Payam C. Ataii who has been featured on networks such as ABC, NBC, KTLA news, and just recently was awarded Winner of the 2007 Invisalign National Summit Case Shoot-out Award which placed him Number One in United States and Canada, selected by 1,700 of his peers.

 As dental director and treating doc- tor at Laser Dental Center ®, Dr. Ataii brings over a decade of clinical experience to each of his patients including his unique trademark of dental laser treatments. “At Laser Dental Center we believe in letting the patients reap the rewards of the technology that is avail- able, and for me to educate my patients about the different procedures we offer,” states Dr. Ataii. The true-YAG laser used by Dr. Ataii, works by spraying out a computer-controlled ray of light, cooling the tooth with air and water.

The laser energy beam is specifically absorbed by the decay, and when the microscopic cooling system of the water particles are activated, the decay will evaporate and remove the cav- ity ¬all without a needle reducing the use of the drill, and usually with no pain at all. “By using the Laser, I control the amount of heat generated by the laser equipment in first numbing the hard organic tissue (the tooth) where a needle would traditionally be used.

Then I remove the decayed area by gener- ating a stronger ray of light,” Dr. Ataii ex- plains. It is procedures such as Laser Cosmetic Den- tistry, Laser Brite™ Whitening System, his exclusive Laser Mercury Detoxification™ and Invisalign® treatment of crooked teeth with clear invisible aligners that have his patients smiling with confidence, and has his peers attending lectures and seminars given by Dr. Ataii. “The results of laser dentistry have been phe- nomenal,” he notes.

Wanting to take his prac- tice to the next level, Dr. Ataii has teamed up with his brother, Dr. Alexander Pooya Ataii, a cosmetic physician, and added an adjoining office suite to introduce Laser It! Cosmetic Skin Center. “We have created an environ- ment where patients can feel comfortable re- juvenating their skin as well as their smile all under the same roof,” Dr. Ataii explains. We have definitely seen a shift in the cos- metic world where it’s not just for women anymore,” Says Ataii. Both men and women can take advantage of personalized packages that combine dental and medical treatment to enhance their smile and overall image.

Dr. Ataii not only educates his patients re- garding the latest technology and treatments available, he is also the national speaker and educator for Invisalign® and National Asso- ciation of Dental Professionals® amongst his peers as well as other board members. It is not just Dr. Ataii’s credentials that have put him on the road to success, his honesty integrity and demeanor keeps his patients comfortable enough to refer their family members and friends, which he says is the biggest complement. “The happiest people in the world are ones who help people…” these are my fathers’ words which I carry with me everyday.

Log on to www.LaserDentalCenter.info to learn more about the procedures before you make an appointment and experience the wonders of laser dentistry and Invisalign for yourself.


Commonwealth of Massachusetts Dental License ‘96

California State Dental Board License ‘97

Nevada State Board License ‘05

DENTAL DEGREE & EXTERNSHIP Tufts University School of Dental Medicine ‘96

Harvard University School of Dental Medicine ‘97

AWARDS & DISTINCTIONS Winner of Invisalign Summit Clinical Achievement Award ‘07

Top Dentist Award (two years in a row) ’05, ‘06

American College of Prosthodontics Achievement

Award DENTAL AFFILIATION National Association of Dental Professionals (Founder and Board Member) Academy of Laser Dentistry American Dental Association Academy of General Dentistry RESEARCH PROJECTS & PUBLICATIONS Aesthetic Trend & Technology Journal (Laser Dentistry technology leads the way to painless procedure) Journal of Dental Research (four publications) International Association of Dental Research NEWS AND NATIONAL MEDIA ABC Local News ABC National News NBC National News KTLA Morning Local News CBS San Diego Evening News Laser Dental Center® LOCATION

24881 Alicia Parkway # H

Laguna Hills, CA 92653

(949) 707-5273 (949)

WEBSITE www.LaserDentalCenter.info

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