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Symptoms of Depression Are You Depressed?
Depression is a serious mental disorder not to be confused with “normal” bad or depressed mood experienced by everyone sometimes. If a depression sufferer does not realise that he is depressed his life may be virtual hell without any obvious exit scenario. Many such patients drag along for years without treatment that could easily alleviate their depression. Therefore, it is very important to know the symptoms of depression and to be able to read the signs of depression when they occur. An early realisation that one experiences the symptoms of depression can in the most extreme cases virtually save lives, and even in light cases of depression often guarantee proper treatment of the disorder and a reversion to a good and joyful life. So what are the signs of depression most commonly seen?
Common Sense Methods for Beating Depression
Depression can feel overpowering at times. Medication can help, but it certainly does not do everything. So what else can you do? I suggest the following interventions to many of my patients. Try adding one or two at a time to see what helps.


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