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Do I or Don't I Do Diet Sweeteners?
Whether or not you decide to use chemical sweeteners is your choice. BUT, in order to make an educated decision about the safety of diet chemical sugar substitutes, consumers must be informed about the negative aspects of these chemical sweeteners.

A healthy eating lifestyle requires an education in chemistry these days, especially when laboratory chemicals are used as replacements for natural elements essential to health and wellness. Take Splenda® for example: it's a big deal that the manufacturers of sucralose (Splenda's primary ingredient) replace three sugar atoms in the sugar molecule with three man-made chlorine atoms. If you choose to eat or drink the chlorine found in Splenda®, it is only fair that you, the consumer, be aware of the fact that studies show the chlorine in drinking water can cause birth defects and cancer in humans.

It is reasonable to inform the public that aspartame (found in NutraSweet/Equal®) caused holes to form in laboratory animal studies as early as the 1960s. Dr. Morando Soffritti of the European Ramazzini Foundation of Oncology and Environmental Sciences, Bologna, Italy, recently confirmed four different types of cancers formed in laboratory rats after administering aspartame.

It is YOUR CHOICE whether or not to consume diet chemical, sweetener substitutes, but it is also YOUR RIGHT to know the negative side of these questionable chemicals added to your foods and drinks. Especially if you use them during pregnancy or give them to your children.

For more information on the dangers of chemical sweetener substitutes, visit http://www.janethull.com, http://www.sweetpoison.com, and http://www.issplendasafe.com


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