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What's the best children's music?
Written by Dr Christobel Llewellyn   
It's sometimes confusing for parents to know what's the best choice for children's music. As both a music educator and parent, I found myself browsing through record stores eagerly looking for something both my husband and I, and my children could enjoy. Unfortunately, I didn't find it. Most of the children’s music was corporate i.e. attached to a TV show. It seemed to be all copies of the same thing. Lots of vocalists singing nursery rhymes, mostly in G or C Major with little variety. Hardly any instrumentation.
How Can I Help My Baby Stop Crying?
Written by Tina Allen, LMT, CIIT, CIMI   
Do you ever wonder what makes a baby cry?
As crying is one of the few ways babies have of communicating their needs to us, they cry about almost anything. They have a special cry when they are hungry, feel pain, have anxiety and are over stimulated. Even when they have gas, are exhausted, scared or frustrated, babies fuss and cry.
Tips For Dads To Get A Good Nights Sleep, Too!
Written by Tina Allen, LMT, CIIT, CIMI   
To help your child prepare both mentally and physically for dream time, one first step is to have a regular relaxing bedtime routine or ritual. You might wish to try a warm bath followed by a bedtime story or maybe a nighttime meditation that you read to your child which can help him relax and get ready for slumber time. It is important to give your child plenty of time for his bedtime ritual. This way you both avoid feeling rushed, anxious or stressed. Try to make your child's personal bedtime ritual as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Not only will this help your little one sleep easier, it will be a much more pleasant experience for you as well.
Parenting: Prescribing The Symptom
Written by Margaret Paul, Ph.D.   
Rebecca was struggling with 3 year old Kevin's screaming. Whenever someone didn't do what he wanted, he screamed and screamed, hoping to get his way. Rebecca had tried many different things to get Kevin to stop screaming, such as time outs, telling him to use his words, walking away and ignoring him, taking away toys and taking away events, such as a birthday party. A couple of times she had lost it and screamed back at him. Nothing was working to get Kevin to stop screaming. Even though screaming didn't work for him to get his way, he kept doing it.
7 Tips for Teaching Your Children Self Reliance
Written by Dr Robyn Silverman   
Most parents are trying to stay clear of the label "helicopter parents," because they don't want to be seen as the type of mother or father who hover and "overprotect." The most powerful parents have realized that when their children have the opportunity to make mistakes, they gain an invaluable opportunity to learn from those mistakes.
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