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Seeking Success in Midlife
Written by Anne Uemura, Ph.D.   
By the time a woman reaches her midlife she has shed many of the idealistic and romantic notions that her previous goals and dreams were founded on. The middle years can bring unwelcome revelations about a woman’s marriage or relationships, health, career path, spirituality and overall personal development. So it’s not too surprising that seeking success in midlife is both a touchy subject and a hot topic.
Stop the Negative Fantasy
Written by Rachelle Disbennett-Lee, PhD   
Worry is one of those things that will pull you down and stop you in your tracks quicker than most anything else. Most things you worry about don't happen, but that doesn't seem to stop anyone from spending time and energy worrying. Worrying ruins the present by bringing in anticipation of possibly negative future events. When you worry you are actually doing something referred to as "negative fantasy." You are fantasizing not about the good that can happen, but the bad.
The Incredible Power of Intent
Written by Margaret Paul, Ph.D.   
Imagine two big spotlights. One is pointed upward, casting light far into the air. The other is pointed downward and buried into the earth - no light is cast at all.
Visualize Your Goal
Written by Jeannette Samanen PhD   
Visualizing what you want for yourself is the first step in any life change. Before you can plan the necessary action, you need to know where you are heading. To do this you must visualize your goal.
Take Loving Charge of Your Life
Written by Judith A. Swack, Ph.D   
Danielle worked as a scientist at the NIH. Her boss agreed to be her faculty advisor for her Ph.D. at a local university as long as she did 40 hours/week of lab work. The other requirement was that she be a full time student to qualify for a student loan. Danielle didn’t think these would be serious problems, so she happily enrolled in 4 courses/semester, worked 6 days/week in the lab, and spent every evening and Sundays doing homework. Three months later Danielle experienced continuous sharp stabbing pains in her stomach. The doctors could find nothing wrong and suggested antacids. We interviewed the part of Danielle that was generating the stabbing pains and found that it wanted her to quit graduate school because she was only eating one meal/day and not getting enough sleep. The stabbing pain stopped instantly when Danielle promised to eat 3 meals/day and get 8 hours of sleep every night regardless of unfinished homework.
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