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Healthy Guilt, Unhealthy Guilt
Written by Margaret Paul, Ph.D.   
Guilt is the feeling that results when you tell yourself that you have done something wrong.
Do You Have The Personality To Become Rich?
Written by James Delrojo   
People can be divided into several different groups according to how they react to the circumstances of life. I call these groups the Acceptors, the Complainers, the Analyzers, and the Achievers.
Healing From Childhood Abuse
Written by Margaret Paul, Ph.D.   
In the 37 years that I have been counseling individuals, I have worked with many people who have suffered from severe physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse in childhood. Many who have sought my help were suffering from fear and anxiety, depression, various addictions, relationship problems and sexual problems. Many of these people had no memory of their childhood and had no idea why there were so unhappy. Many had spent years in therapy yet had never remembered their abuse.
The Psychological Reality of Positive Thought
Written by Dr Leo Kady   
A whole new school of psychiatry has grown up around the development of positive thinking. The key is intercepting negative thoughts. Surprisingly, no matter how positive we think we are, many of us have internal, mostly negative chatter that ties up the cerebral circuits all day long.

Much of this chatter is actually pretty idiotic if you stop and listen to it. Most of the time we're simply ripping ourselves apart. The more negative our mood, the more we're apt to nag ourselves.

The science of positive thought can be learned through certain therapies, of which cognitive therapy is one example.
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